Callaloo Wrapped Mahi served with Cou-Cou Chef Akins Glasgow gives us his take on Mahi and Callaloo. Callaloo is typically blended to create a delicious soup; although, this recipe calls for the Dasheen leaves to be lightly blanched, giving a slightly firm texture that when coupled with the creamy sauce, builds a beautiful, familiar Caribbean flavour. This dish is served with Cou-Cou, but it can also be served with rice. Either way, it will look majestic when plated.
Mahi-Mahi Fish The Mahi fish is the Hawaiian name for dolphinfish. The Hawaiian nickname Mahi-Mahi came to prevent consumers confusing it with the marine mammal (Dolphin). Most people tend to believe that all Mahi-Mahi fish come only from Hawaii, but they are found in the tropical and sub tropical waters around the world. The brilliant colors of the fish make them one of the most beautiful in the ocean.