Ocean Delight is the premier seafood brand of Trinidad & Tobago. We offer a wide variety of ready to cook seafood products, such as fish, squid, shrimp, lobster, mussels and crab. Our retail store has friendly, knowledgeable staff, who provide information and solutions to help you choose and improve your seafood experience.

We guarantee that our products are safe, of superior quality, have accurate labelling, sizing and are 100% net weight every time. We are in this for the long haul. No shortcuts, no fishy business, this is Seafood You Can Trust.



All our seafood is manufactured with HACCP standards. We partner with suppliers that quickly process freshly caught seafood, and we meticulously ensure that frozen temperatures are maintained throughout our entire process for the best possible quality.


All Ocean Delight products are 100% trust worthy. You will be certain that all our products are exactly the labelled specie and will contain the full thawed stated weight or 100% net weight, as well as the stated size.


We provide a wide variety of wild and farm raised sustainable seafood options for your price, taste and preparation requirements. We source products worldwide to ensure the longest possible availability regardless of seasonality.



Frozen at Source

Fish that is caught, cleaned and frozen immediately on ships or fish farms.


A system designed to identify and eliminate all physical, biological and chemical hazards that may impact the food at every process step from harvest to purchase by customer.

The Cold Chain

A process whereby product is perpetually kept at reduced temperatures, to prevent the growth of pathogenic bacteria, in transit, in process, in storage and in display.

100% Net Weight

Actual weight of seafood received, without its packaging or ice. For example if one purchases 5lbs of shrimp, the weight of the thawed, drained shrimp will be 5lbs.

Species Fraud

The act of selling one species of fish for the other (mislabelling). Typically a cheaper fish is sold in the place of a more expensive fish. Usually the cheaper fish will have very similar visual appearances, but inferior texture, flavour and cooking properties.

Size Fraud

Often larger portions sizes are more expensive. Larger shrimp are more expensive and large fish fillets of the same type of fish may also be more expensive than their smaller counterparts. Size fraud involves the mixing of smaller sized product with larger sized product.