Cook Like A Gourmet Chef with Cup of Joe & Ocean Delight

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  1. Staff and family members of staff of Trinidad Seafoods Limited are not eligible to participate in the competition.
  2. Participants must prepare a seafood dish using one or more of Ocean Delight’s products.
  3. The contestant must be featured in the 30-60 second video submitted describing how to make the dish.
  4. As your creation cannot be tasted, the videos will be judged on your passion and clarity in delivering your masterpiece, your personality, the dish creativity including choice of ingredients and the presentation/plating of the dish.
  5. Your video must be bright and clear and show the finished dish.
  6. The video must be accompanied with your full recipe in text in the body of the message, including full ingredients list and step by step directions, sent to our Facebook or Instagram platforms via private message. 
  7. Contestants may enter several times, but may only win once, so keep trying until you win.
  8. Winners of Round 1 must be available to compete in Round 2 if selected.


  1. The top 8 contestants from Round 1 will be notified that they have made it to the finals of the competition where they will compete on the cook-off on Cup of Joe.
  2. The cook-off will consist of 4 preliminary rounds, 2 semi-finals and the grand final.
  3. The 8 finalists will be paired into 4 groups and will compete on 4 different TV shows head to head.
  4. For each of these shows, contestants will be given the same ingredients and will be required to prepare a dish in the allotted time.
  5. A panel of 3 judges including T&T’s top chefs will judge the contestants for creativity, presentation and taste.
  6. The 4 winners will move to the semi-finals, and the winners of the semi-finals will move to the grand final.

Terms & conditions:

Round 1

  1. All winners of Round 1 must make themselves available for the recording of the Cup of Joe TV program if they make it to Round 2.
  2. Vouchers will be issued via email within one week after announcement, and can be redeemed at the Ocean Delight Seafood Mart.
  3. Vouchers must be used to purchase Ocean Delight product only, and may only be used once.
  4. No change will be issued when you redeem your voucher.

Round 2

  1. Selection and results of the Cup of Joe cook-off must remain confidential.
  2. Contestants that disclose their selection to, or any results of the cook-off will be disqualified.
  3. The grand prize must be scheduled by May 10 2019 for 3 consecutive nights from June 6 2019 – December 2 2019.
  4. The winner may choose between:
    • St. Lucia – St. James’ Club
    • Antigua – St. James’ Club
  5. The all-inclusive prize covers only the following:
    • 2 return plane tickets from POS to St. Lucia or Antigua only.
    • Transportation in the destination country to and from the hotel.
    • One hotel room for 3 nights.
    • Food and activities as covered by the all-inclusive package of resort.
    • Some premium activities may require additional payment.
  6. The winner must present valid passports of the 2 persons who will be traveling.


When does the competition start?

The first round of the competition starts on November 29, 2018. You may submit your videos from then.

Do I have to use an original recipe?

No you can prepare any recipe original or otherwise.

Can I enter Round 1 several times?

Yes, you may enter several times, but you will only be able to win Round 1 once. Therefore, if you don’t win the first week keep trying again and again until you do.

How will I know if my video is successful?

The weekly winner will be announced via the method in which they submitted their video on social media, and their name will be highlighted in our Instagram stories.

How will I receive my voucher?

Each weekly winner will be sent a TTD 200 gift voucher via their social media platform or email at our request.  Conditions to the voucher will apply. 

What date and time is TV6’s Cup of Joe going to be aired?

The details will be given closer to the time to our audience and those participating.

I work full time, what if I am unable to make TV6’s Cup of Joe in a cook-off?

The condition of being selected for the Cook Off is that you make yourself available for the TV show.