Seafood & Wine Pairings

A perfect meal deserves the perfect glass of wine and sometimes we need a little help in getting that flawless pairing. Here is where we can look to our friends at The Naughty Grape store for help.

Their wide collection of wines, beers and spirits allows something for everyone, and this guide below is an excellent start to choosing the wine that is just right for you and your guests.

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Seafood Wine Brand link
White FishChardonnayCasillero del Diablolink
Sauvignon BlancHardys Nottage Hilllink
SalmonChardonnayCasillero del Diablolink
Sauvignon BlancHardys Nottage Hilllink
Pinot NoirHardys Nottage Hilllink
Crab/LobsterChardonnayCasillero del Diablolink
Sauvignon BlancMonkey Baylink
Brut Sparkling WineSperone Celebration Brutlink
ShrimpSauvignon BlancMonkey Baylink
MusselsPinot GrigioEntwinelink
ClamsSauvignon BlancMonkey Bay Sauvignon Blanclink
Sparkling WineSperone Celebration Brutlink
CavierSparkling WineSperone Celebration Brutlink
ChampagneMoet et Chandon Imperiallink
OystersChardonnayTwo Oceanslink
ScallopsChardonnayTwo Oceanslink
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