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Ocean Delight products are manufactured by Trinidad Seafoods Limited.
We offer business sales with free delivery in Trinidad & Tobago.

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Where to buy

Here is a list of our distributors where you can purchase your favourite premium seafood throughout Trinidad & Tobago. The list is growing and more distributors will be added soon!

The Ocean Delight Seafood Mart: Laventille

Adams Bagel: Maraval
ADM: Arima
Artie’s Gourmet Meats: Diego Martin
Blooms Imports: Diego MartinMaraval
Food Basket: Arima, Chaguanas, Mount Hope
Food Giant: Barataria
JTA: Carlton CentreCorinthCouvaCross CrossingMarabella
Malabar Meats Gourmet: Port of Spain
Massy Stores: Alyce Glen, Arima, Chaguanas, Diego MartinGlencoe, Gulf View, Mandalay Gardens, Marabella, Maraval, Point Fortin, St. Ann’s, St. AugustineTrincityWestmoorings
Park and Shop: Port of Spain
Penny Savers: Canaan, Carnbee, Scarborough
Price Club: Chaguanas
Pricesmart: ChaguanasLa RomainMausicaPort of Spain
RT Morshead: Buccoo
S&S Persad: Mayaro
Seafood Differently: Curepe
Southern Meats: San Fernando
The Happy Gourmet: Valsayn
Tru Valu: Diego MartinSan JuanSt JamesTrincityValpark
Uncle Beddoes: San Juan
West Bees: Arouca, Diego Martin
Xtra Foods: ArimaChaguanasEndeavourGrand Bazaar

We also export

Get Ocean Delight products in the following territories:

Antigua: Horizon’s Supplies Limited
Barbados: Shorelinez Incorporated
St. Kitts: Ram’s Trading
St. Lucia: Lazy Lagoon Trading
St. Maarten: Prime Distributors


How can I tell that frozen fish is good?

Always ensure that the flesh is brightly coloured and does not show signs of yellowing or discolouration around the edges. Quality frozen fish does not have a strong fishy odour put maintains a mild aroma upon thawing.

I usually buy fresh fish, why should I buy frozen fish?

Our frozen seafood provides the best value for the following reasons:

Consistent Quality: Our seafood is processed and then frozen at the peak of its quality. This is the reason why you do not receive a fishy smell. Fresh seafood for this reason, tends to have inconsistencies from very good to poor quality.

Shelf Life: Frozen seafood may be stored at -18C for 6 to 12 months and still retain the same properties of quality fresh seafood. Our seafood turns on average every 16 days. Fresh seafood can only be stored for 2-3 days on ice before its quality rapidly declines.

Predictable Cost: Fresh seafood is sold whole on a per pound basis. Fresh fish is sold with the guts, gills and head; fresh shrimp with head and shell. Only after weighing and paying are guts, gills, heads and shells removed. Our products are already processed so that you get exactly the weight that you have paid for.

Wide Variety: Fresh seafood restricts variety to local catch only.

What are the forms of squid sold?

Squid is sold in various ready to cook forms in order to satisfy specific demands. The available forms are highlighted on each product page.

Whole: Unprocessed squid.

Cleaned Tubes & Tentacles: Squid with skin, insides and beak removed.

Cleaned Tubes Only: Squid with skin, insides, beak and tentacles removed. This creates a squid cylinder with one open side.

Rings: Cleaned tubes are cut cross-sectional to create circular loops.

What are the forms of shrimp sold?

Shrimp is sold in various ready to cook forms in order to satisfy specific demands. The available forms are highlighted on each product page.

Headless: Shrimp has its head removed with shell and tail intact.

Easy Peel: Shrimp has its head removed, additionally the back of its shell is cut and the vein is removed. The shell and tail remain on the shrimp, but may be easily removed upon thawing.

Peeled and De-veined: The head, shell and vein are removed from the shrimp. The tail may or may not be left on the shrimp.

Peeled and Undeveined: Smaller shrimp have their head, shell and tail removed but do not have their vein removed..

Broken: Pieces of small peeled and unde-veined shrimp.

Where is your seafood originally from?

Our product page identifies where our seafood originates. Most of our seafood originates from CARICOM suppliers.

What are the opening hours of the Ocean Delight Seafood Mart?

Mondays to Fridays – 7:30AM to 4:00PM
Saturdays – 7:30AM to 12:30PM

I have a business or require bulk sales. What do I do?

Bulk sales are available at the Ocean Delight Seafood Mart. Additionally, our manufacturing company Trinidad Seafoods Limited provides full bulk sales service for pickup or free delivery. Leave a message on facebook, twitter or linkedin for more details.

Do you offer delivery?

Delivery is available through our manufacturing company Trinidad Seafoods Limited for orders above a minimum quantity. Leave a message on our facebook, twitter or linkedin page for more details.

I have a suggestion for your website. What do I do?

We welcome suggestions. Please email us above.

What are the forms of fish sold?

Fish is sold in various ready to cook forms in order to satisfy specific demands. The available forms are highlighted on each product page.

Whole: Serving size fish may be sold gutted and de-scaled either with the head and without gills, or without the head totally.

Steak: Whole fish is cut in cross-sectional portions so that the bone remains in the centre.

Fillet: Whole fish is processed using a longitudinal cut along the backbone in order to create two whole boneless sides from a flat fish.

Loin: This is a boneless ‘fillet’ obtained from de-boning a round pelagic fish which creates four loins rather than two fillets.

Portion: Fillets and loins are further processed into uniform smaller pieces to allow serving control.

Cut: The cut refers to the fleshy neck of the fish that remains attached to the head after fillets are removed.

How do I order?

Ordering is done via calling or dropping in to our brand new store. Contact details are above.

I have a complaint. What do I do?

Your satisfaction of our service and products are very important to us. If at any time we have failed to meet your expectations do email us with your contact information and the details of your complaint, for our records, and someone will respond in a work day.