Banga Mary

Banga Mary or Weakfish is a marine seafood that belongs to the family of drums. It is also known as Spotted Sea Trout even though it is not closely related with Trout.

Depending on the season, Banga Mary inhabits coastal areas or resides in deep water away from the shore. Banga Mary fillets can also be broiled or baked with a variety of sauces or vegetable accompaniments.

Health Benefits of Banga mary
Bangamary is a rich source of protein and makes a good choice for a low-fat diet. Vitamins A and D are abundantly present in bangamary recipes. This fish is also full of omega fatty acids that are very helpful in the overall development of the body tissues. Bangamary is very low in cholesterol, but the method of cooking should be adopted suitably in order to reduce the calories.

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