Blue Crab Meat

A 3-oz serving of blue crab meat cooked with moist heat contains 86.7 calories. Based on a 2,000 calorie diet, this accounts for 4.3 percent of the calories you may consume each day. Most of the calories per serving come from protein — 79.2 percent. Approximately 15 percent of the calories derive from fat.

Fat and Cholesterol
One serving of blue crab contains 1.5 g of fat, an amount that does not use up a significant portion of the fat you are allowed each day: 44 to 78 g. It does, however, comprise nearly one-third of the cholesterol you should limit yourself to daily. With 85 mg of cholesterol, carefully monitor your meal plan to ensure you do not eat other foods rich in this compound as eating too much can increase your risk of heart disease.

Protein and Carbohydrates
Blue crab serves as a good source of high-quality protein. Each 3-oz. Portion provides 17.2 g. Your meal plan should have 46 to 56 g of protein in it each day — this macronutrient not only promotes the development of muscle, but it also serves as food from which your body can derive energy. One serving contains 0 g of carbohydrates.

Vitamins and Minerals
Include blue crab in your eating plan and you meet your entire daily requirement of vitamin B12, making blue crab meat a great choice to keep your heart working well. Selenium features prominently as well, with 48.8 percent of the daily recommended intake per serving. Selenium provides antioxidant protections and promotes healthy thyroid function. You will also get 23.9 percent of the zinc you need each day and 27.4 percent of the copper your body requires.

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