Interview: Chromatics on weight loss

We caught up with Trinidadian rapper Chromatics to get the latest on his recent weight loss and how he maintains his fitness.

  1. Can you share how you went about losing so much weight over the last year?
    It was a lot of exercise combined with a low carb diet which included steamed vegetables and salads combined with lean meats. I was very uncomfortable having been the heaviest I ever was and I know that the weight loss would not only make feel better, but also allow for more energy on stage. I never visited a gym, I used a treadmill at home along with some free weight and body weight exercises, and two days a week I’d play basketball.I encourage anybody to include a sport in their workout regime as I believe you push yourself more when your playing to win than just looking at the calories on a treadmill or eleptical go by.
  2. What is your favourite seafood dish?
    I am a fan of Salmon. It’s versatile and tastes good anyway it is prepared.
  3. Can you share a recipe of a seafood that you like to cook?
    Baked Salmon: I would prepare a marinate with olive oil, salt & black pepper, little garlic and rosemary. Very simple and quick to prepare.
  4. What is your favourite beverage to accompany this meal? 
    A cold Angostura LLB or a glass of water.
  5. Do you have a favourite restaurant to eat out?
    Not particularly, although I’m a man of habit I like some variety every now and then.

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