Lent: White Fish Fillet

Our white fish fillets are great for steaming and frying. There are also health and nutritional benefits gained from eating this fish as part of a healthy diet:

  1. White fish is especially low in fat.
    Fish is considered by many to be a low-fat food. People who are trying to eat a diet that will help them lose weight often substitute fish for other types of meat in order to keep their fat content down. White fish is generally lower in fat than other types of fish. White fish may be part of a healthy low-fat diet to prevent these types of disease.
  2. White fish is rich in B vitamins.
    There tends to be more B vitamins in white fish than in dark fish. B vitamins are good for a lot of several health reasons. They increase your metabolism which will aid you to maintain a healthy weight. B vitamins are good for your skin, your cells and your immune system. A good immune system means that you’ll be healthy all around. White fish can help with that.
  3. White fish is rich in selenium.
    Selenium adds to some of the benefits that you’re already getting from those B vitamins. It is good for the skin and good for the cells. Proper intake of selenium can help prevent problems related to thyroid conditions.
  4. White fish is a great source of iodine.
    Iodine is another mineral that you need that will help with your thyroid function. Good thyroid function aids with many things ranging from fetal development to prevention of depression. Many people get their iodine today from iodine table salt. However, you may get it natural from white fish.
  5. White fish is high in protein.
    You need protein for cell growth which affects many different aspects of your overall health. Some sources of protein are considered healthier than others. As a low-fat, nutrient-rich source, white fish is a great option for getting the protein that you need.

Source: http://kathrynvercillo.hubpages.com/hub/5-Health-Benefits-of-White-Fish

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