MEET: Belinda De Roche – Senior Retail Clerk

People come from far and wide especially to hear Belinda’s pleasant voice and to see her wonderful smile.

  1. How long have you been with Ocean Delight?
    17 years
  2. What keeps you motivated?
    I love interacting with customers. There is simply nothing more fulfilling than getting a first time customer, to present them with wide range of items and to see pure joy on their faces when they leave happy. I simply love to please customers.
  3. What is your favourite seafood dish?
    Grilled Marlin. Season with plenty, ginger, garlic, green seasoning. Marinate overnight. Place on a hot grill. Dress with light garlic sauce and pepper sauce. Service with green seasoning and baked fries (not fried).
  4. Best moment so far?
    The very first sports day was an amazing experience.
  5. What do you do for leisure?
    Watching Criminal Minds, CSI and National Geographic.
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