MEET: ORIN ‘BAILEY’ RIDLEY – Raw Material Freezer Custodian

As strong as yoke of oxen and as knowledgeable about fish, as the sixteen year veteran that he is, please meet ORIN “BAILEY” RIDLEY.

  1. What do you do?
    Plan, document and coordinate the storage of all our raw materials, to ensure that species are clearly separated, and arranged in such a way to facilitate quick removal when our customers need it. The oldest is always issued first to ensure the highest quality.
  2. What is the most difficult/dangerous part of your job?
    Stacking full racks of fish very high into the air can be very dangerous, if done incorrectly. We do stack racks as much as 4 rows high and it requires great skill and the careful adherence to safety procedures.
  3. What is the largest fish that you have handled?
    I have personally handled a 950 lb Blue Marlin. That weight was with its head off. It was massive.
  4. What seafood do you like most?
    I like White Marlin.
  5. How do you cook it?
    Season with salt, black pepper and honey. Wrap in foil and place in oven for a few minutes. Serve with cauliflower, broccoli and sweet pepper along with a glass of dry red wine.
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