Meet Vikesh Seunath

If you need 40 deliveries completed, spanning from Chaguaramas, then throughout the heart of Port of Spain, and finally within Chaguanas, on Fantastic Friday, Vikesh will get it done and be back in time for the 4:30PM company lime.

  • Waze (Navigation app) loaded – check,
  • All invoices on hand – check,
  • Product loaded – check,
  • Refrigeration on – check,
  • Music on – check

Meet the focused, meticulous, efficient and dedicated, Vikesh Seunath.

1. What is your strategy for being so efficient?
 I do detailed planning of the routes, grouping customers in similar locations. I consider the timing of the traffic as well, with an aim to do close areas first before the traffic builds up.

2. What is your most interesting customer experience?
Once a new customer checked every single pack in every single case in great detail, which took some time. They were not used to getting what they paid for before us.

3. What music/programme helps to make your day on the road more enjoyable?
We listen to Red 96.7

4. If not distribution what else would you want to do?
This is a difficult question, I love what I do and would like to keep doing it.

5. What is your favourite seafood meal, and where was it?
Fried kingfish or marlin with bake, adding tomatoes and lettuce. Just like bake on shark on the beach, in fact, better than on the beach. I cooked it at home.

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