Do you know what is in your seafood?

Do you know what is in your seafood? Here are some tips to remember when purchasing:

  1. Frozen Fresh
    The best quality seafood is often frozen. Seafood quality cannot be improved once it leaves the water, it can only be maintained.
    Our seafood is frozen immediately after harvest to seal in the best quality. Frozen or chilled look very closely and ensure you get the best value.
  2. Smell
    High quality seafood smells pleasantly ocean fresh. Seafood should never have a strong odour, smell fishy or like ammonia.
    Let your nose be the judge. Smell the surroundings and product very closely and ensure you get the best value.
  3. Hidden costs
    Only pay as much as you should. Remember to drain all the water from chilled shrimp carefully or to remove all the ice from the frozen shrimp to check the REAL weight that you have paid for. Our seafood is 100% full weight all the time, no ice weight, no fancy tricks. Ensure you get the best value, don’t be fooled.
  4. Temperature
    The safest seafood remains frozen or very cold. High temperatures can be dangerous especially for seafood.
    Ensure that chilled fish is very well iced, and that frozen fish remains hard and shows no signs of thawing.
    Keep your family safe, let your eyes be your guide.
  5. Hidden costs #2
    Always understand what you are paying for. When buying whole fish always ask for the weight after they have removed the guts and gills. Are you going to eat that? Then why should you pay for it? Our seafood is pre-processed for your convenience and you only get priced on what you eat. Ensure you get the best value.

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