Blue sharks are found in very deep waters and are fairly elongated and slender in build. The cooking of shark is very easy. Shark should be as fresh as possible, therefore, it is best to defrost them at room temperature about 1 hour, rather than in the fridge overnight.

You have made a meat curry and it was great, but now it is time to diversity things a little and create a flavourful Caribbean style fish curry! The Kingfish is mild in flavour and slightly firm, making it the perfect catch for this particular dish.

The Naparima Girls’ High school cookbook was a project to commemorate the Diamond Jubilee of the school in 1987 and it has since gone through various editions perfecting the recipes and the design. The recipes are simple and easy to follow and the images are beautifully presented so anyone can give it a whirl and

When you think of a Trinidadian Christmas dessert there is only one contender - The celebrated Black Cake or Fruit Cake depending on your persuasion. Here is a recipe from our friends at that includes their Black Label Rum, Fernandes Cherry Brandy

Caribbean Beat caught up with a few local celebrities across the islands to find out what their favourite festive foods are and other interesting facts.

The meat of conchs is eaten raw in salads, or cooked, as in fritters, chowders, curries, gumbos, and burgers. All parts of the conch meat are edible. Some people, however, find only the white meat appetizing.