Eating fish just once or twice per week may reduce your chance of a fatal heart attack by a third, says Tuna is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, among other valuable nutrients. Tuna steak is very different than the canned version and is often served cooked rare, crusted with spices or sesame seeds.

Award-winning Executive Chef Raymond Joseph has many accomplishments under his belt. He participated in the Taste of the Caribbean regional competition held by the Caribbean Hoteliers Association.

High Quality, Lean ProteinShrimp serves as an excellent source of lean protein. Each 6-ounce portion provides 39 grammes of protein - a significant amount of the 46 grams recommended daily for women and 56 grams for men. It also contains all the amino acids that your cells can't synthesize on their own. Every cell in your body contains protein molecules -- and the amino acids from your diet allow your cells to generate new proteins to repair old or damaged ones. The protein in your diet also helps you make peptide hormones -- a group that includes insulin, a hormone that regulates your blood sugar.

Calories A 3-oz serving of blue crab meat cooked with moist heat contains 86.7 calories. Based on a 2,000 calorie diet, this accounts for 4.3 percent of the calories you may consume each day. Most of the calories per serving come from protein -- 79.2 percent. Approximately 15 percent of the calories derive from fat.

Not sure what to prepare for the family this Good Friday? We have a delicious local recipe for you: Coconut Crusted Tamarind KingFish.
Kingfish Steaks Kingfish is more than just a lean protein. It easily meets the standard for an extra lean protein. A 3-ounce serving of kingfish contains 114 calories and 22 grams of protein, or 44 percent of your daily value for protein based on a 2,000-calorie-a-day diet.
Callaloo Wrapped Mahi served with Cou-Cou Chef Akins Glasgow gives us his take on Mahi and Callaloo. Callaloo is typically blended to create a delicious soup; although, this recipe calls for the Dasheen leaves to be lightly blanched, giving a slightly firm texture that when coupled with the creamy sauce, builds a beautiful, familiar Caribbean flavour. This dish is served with Cou-Cou, but it can also be served with rice. Either way, it will look majestic when plated.
Mahi-Mahi Fish The Mahi fish is the Hawaiian name for dolphinfish. The Hawaiian nickname Mahi-Mahi came to prevent consumers confusing it with the marine mammal (Dolphin). Most people tend to believe that all Mahi-Mahi fish come only from Hawaii, but they are found in the tropical and sub tropical waters around the world. The brilliant colors of the fish make them one of the most beautiful in the ocean.

Our Wild Caught Whitefish is rich in flavour, and its soft texture makes it ideal for frying and steaming. Whitefish are light in colour with a flaky flesh and their main concentration of oils is located in the liver. They’re naturally low in fat, and...

The incredible Chef Dominique Beens of Krave Resturant (Marabella, Trinidad) gave us a peek into the Krave kitchen. We were able to catch him making this luscious but healthy grilled Salmon dish and we have the recipe to share with you to try at home.